Global 'A World Without Skin Tears' Day with Essity
Monday, 15 April 2024
Thursday 18 April 2024 is the third annual Global ‘A World Without Skin Tears’ Day (WWSTD). An initiative of the International Skin Tear Advisory Panel (ISTAP), the day aims to educate professionals on ways to prevent skin tears from happening, and best practice in healing them when they do occur.

Wounds Australia corporate partner Essity shares ISTAP’s vision of a World Without Skin Tears and improving outcomes for individuals at risk of or experiencing skin tears.

Support for the day has grown each year, with healthcare professionals around the world sharing resources and signing up for education events. In 2024, ISTAP is hosting an education morning featuring a stellar line-up of researchers and practitioners from around the globe. They will share their insights and experiences in working with skin tears, present the latest research into the factors impacting prevention and treatment, and discuss best practice, with the aim of improving knowledge and understanding of skin tears.

The expert presenters are:
  • Mary Gloeckner (US)
  • Dr Laura Swoboda (US)
  • Dr Jill Campbell (Australia)
  • Dr Elizabeth A. Ayello (US)
  • Dr R. Gary Sibbald (Canada)
  • Dr Chloe Jansz (Australia)
  • Dr Melanie Stephens (UK)
  • Dr Karen Ousey (UK)
The event begins at 8am UTC (3pm AWST and 5pm AEST). Check out the program and register now.

Skin tears are a global problem. 

Skin tears affect all ages but are reportedly the most common type of wound found in the elderly, and particularly in an aged care setting, where residents may be at greater risk of friction or shearing wounds resulting from immobility. Alarmingly, research says that skin tears are also frequently misdiagnosed and underreported and, like many other wounds, can become chronic if not correctly identified and treated. 

The ISTAP Classification System was found by research to be a reliable and valid tool for systematic assessment and reporting of skin tears in clinical practice, and its resources can be downloaded from the website.

Essity: Working towards a world without skin tears

When a skin tear occurs, a comprehensive approach to treatment is required. The selection of wound care products depends on individual patient needs and is crucial for successful wound healing.

Silicone-based dressings allow for atraumatic removal, ensuring that fragile skin is not further harmed. That’s why Essity recommend Leukoplast skin sensitive – a comprehensive range of silicone-based dressings.


Read more about Essity and our wound care solutions from Leukoplast.

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