Literary Award winners announced
Wednesday, 22 November 2023
Winners of the 2023 Wounds Australia Literary Awards have been announced in the latest edition of Wound Practice and Research (WPR) Journal

The awards acknowledge outstanding articles published in the journal in the previous year across in three categories: research article, literature review/clinical practice and case study/series. Entries are judged by the WPR Editorial Committee and WPR Journal co-editor Dr Zlatko Kopecki said the panel was impressed by the high quality of writing in 2022. 

"All articles published in WPR are subject to a rigorous editorial process, but this year's winners were true standouts in an exceptionally competitive year," Dr Kopecki said. "It was our pleasure to reward these talented practitioners and researchers for their hard work."

Winners in each category receive $1000 and a certificate. A 'Best runner up' is also awarded in each category, who each receive a certificate.

Wounds Australia Literary Awards 2023 Winners and Runners-up

Original Research Article
Winner: Sarah M Manewell, Sarah J Aitken, Vanessa L Nube, Anna M Crawford, Maria I Constantino, Stephen M Twigg, Hylton B Menz, Cathie Sherrington and Serene S Paul. Length of stay and readmissions for people with diabetes-related foot ulceration admitted to two public tertiary referral hospitals in Australia. READ
Runner up:  Keryln Carville, Janine Alan and Joanna Smith. Best practice, best products, best outcomes in community wound care: three descriptive cohorts. READ
Literature Review/Clinical Practice
Winner: Madeline A Bone, Sharon Latimer, Rachel M Walker and Brigid M Gillespie. Moisture accumulation detection technologies for identifying pressure injuries: a literature review. READ
Runner up: David White and Sampath Kondasinghe. Managing a malignant wound in palliative care. READ
Case Study/Series
Winner: Frank P Guerriero (pictured) and Christopher L Delaney. A prospective single centre case series on the use of epidermal grafts and adjunct technologies to facilitate wound healing in a vascular surgical patient population. READ

Pictured: Frank Guerriero receives his certificate from WPR Journal co-Editor Dr Zlatko Kopecki in Adelaide, November 2023.

Runner up: Clarissa A Young, Harriet K Semple and Gary M Kode. Complex wound healing in a complex patient. READ

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